7 attractive specialties in Nha Trang

7 attractive specialties in Nha Trang
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Travelling to the coastal city, you should not forget to bring one of the best 7 specialties of Nha Trang as a gift for your friends and family.

>>Northern cuisine – Finicality in the way of processing

Bird nest

The best one in the delicacies of Khanh Hoa is bird nest. It is a precious thing which is endowed by the nature for the locals here. Under the feudal period, Bird Nest is a gift which only the Kings enjoyed. In Khanh Hoa, canaries live naturally on more than 30 large and small islands. Among them, the most famous are Bird Nest in Noi islet, then Ngoai islet and Sam islet...

Nests often nest on the rocky cliffs so people often build bamboo scaffolds under the cliffs to get the nest. The canaries are divided into many types such as: blood canaries, betel residue canaries, white canaries, gold canaries... According to Oriental medicine, bird nests are often used as nutritious food to deal with fatigue and sluggish. In addition, bird's nests also increase the resistance and immunity for the body ... Bird nest is often processed into many ways such as sugar canary soup, Canary soup, chicken with bird nest, bird nest lotus seed, bird nest sweet soup...

Reference address:
• A Nam bird nest store: 50 B - Nguyen Thi Minh Khai - Tan Lap Ward - Nha Trang
• Khanh Hoa bird nest Company: No. 248 - Thong Nhat Street - Phuong Son Ward - Nha Trang
• Sanest Khanh Hoa Bird Nest with branches:
- 248 Thong Nhat Store - Nha Trang
- Store 136 Thong Nhat - Nha Trang
- 90 Tran Phu shop - Nha Trang
- Shop 48 Le Thanh Ton - Nha Trang
- Shop 38 Tran Quy Cap - Nha Trang
- 6B Hoang Hoa Tham Store - Nha Trang
- Shop 18D Tran Hung Dao - Nha Trang
- Shop 120C Trinh Phong - Nha Trang
- Shop 38 Phan Chu Trinh - Nha Trang
- Shop 89 Thong Nhat - Nha Trang
- Shop 86 Tran Phu - Nha Trang
- Shop 55 Ngo Gia Tu - Nha Trang
Price reference: Depending on the type of Bird nest you buy, it will cost from 2.8 to 15 million / 100gr

Bird nest

Mango Cake

Mango or mango rice cake is a famous specialty of Nha Trang. It has a sour and sweet taste and subtle aroma of mango, suitable for using as snack.

The way of making this dish is not too picky. Ripe mangoes are washed, peeled, seeded and the mango is made into a paste mixture. Then put the mixture on the stove, add a little sugar, fresh ginger, stir constantly for about three hours until boiling and condensing. Next is the stitching of cake, so skillful that the piece of cake is very thin. Someone lays a slice of thin rice underneath and then pour the mango mixture up so that the mango was about twice as thick as the rice paper.

Next, they dry the cake by the sun twice or three times. The mango cake does not need to be crispy, but drain the surface, not too sticky and we can lift the cake up. This specialty does not need any preservatives that can last for quite long time under normal conditions.

Reference address:
- Dam Market
- Xom Moi Market 49 Ngo Gia Tu - Nha Trang
- 11E Thai Nguyen Store - Nha Trang
Reference price: From 70 - 120,000 VND / kg and usually divided into 200 g bag of convenience.

Nem Ninh Hoa

Speaking of Nha Trang cuisine, one cannot forget to mention to Nem Ninh Hoa. Nem Nha Trang includes nem chua and baked rolls. However, most visitors choose baked rolls to enjoy in Nha Trang and buy nem chua as gifts for everyone.

The main ingredient of Nem is fresh pork which is washed, dried with clean cloth and thin slices. Then the meat and spices such as salt, pepper, sugar, monosodium glutamate in the mortar are mixed together.

Nem Ninh Hoa is wrapped with leaves of colostrum or starfruit leaves... Young leaves are selected to create fragrance. Outside the nem is wrapped in more layers of banana leaves and tied. Nem after finished will be restored in cool place.

Reference address:
Vu Thanh An grilled rolls restaurant, 15 Le Loi - Nha Trang
- Quan Nem 25 Le Hong Phong - Nha Trang
- Quan Nem Dang Van Quyen, 16A Lan Ong - Nha Trang
- Quan Nem Dang Van Quyen, 3 Phan Boi Chau crossroad with Han Thuyen - Nha Trang
- Nem Nha Trang Restaurant, 39 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street - Nha Trang City
- Nha Trang Nem restaurant, right at the foot of bridge 2-4 street - Nha Trang
- Nem Ngoc Tien Restaurant, 59 Le Thanh Phuong - Nha Trang
- Nem barbecue rolls available 50 Thong Nhat - Nha Trang
- Nem pickled from Ninh Hoa - Cay Bang fish noodles, 6 Han Thuyen - Nha Trang
Reference price: 3,500 VND / unit.

Dried squid and spidercrab

If Nha Trang specialty you cannot forget the dishes made from squid and spidercrab. Squid and spidercrab is not only familiar seafood here but also a meaningful gift when traveling to Nha Trang for relatives friends which are extremely popular travelers. Perhaps because Nha Trang is a coastal city, the seafood here is always fresh and has a unique flavor.

Reference address:
- Dam Market
- Xom Moi Market 49 Ngo Gia Tu - Nha Trang
- Seafood Agent: 48 Ngo Gia Tu - Nha Trang
Price reference: You can buy dried squid from 500 - 700,000 VND / 1kg, 350-500,000 / 1kg depending on the size of the squid. The price of Muc rim me varies from VND40 - 55,000 / box (300g).

Nha Trang fish ball

Nha Trang fish ball

Needless to say, fish ball is a famous specialty to buy as a gift when traveling to Nha Trang. Because it is a combination of boneless fishes such as: termites, mackerel and other fishes... with esoteric spices that made the delicious, soft and slightly tough fish ball.

Nha Trang fish ball has two types: steamed and fried. Depending on your preference you can buy either one or both. But if you are far away, you shoul buy fried fish ball, as it will not be rancid during transportation.

Reference address:
- 8A Ngo Thoi Nhiem
- Dam market’s Dining Area
- Nguyen Loan restaurant, 123 Ngo Gia Tu
Reference prices range from 150-200,000 VND / kg.

Fish Swimming bladder

Fish Swimming bladder can be used to make many delicious, nutritious and exotic dishes. Especially this dish is only available in Nha Trang. Normally, fish bubbles are usually taken from ca lac, ca duong, ca chem... because they are larger, soft, tough and more nutritious than other fish. For preservation, Nha Trang people are usually dried or fried quickly. Therefore, when processing, you need to soak it in water mixed with white wine and ginger to soften, remove the fishy smell.

Reference address:
- Dam Market
- Xom Moi Market 49 Ngo Gia Tu - Nha Trang
Price reference: 100,000 VND / bag / 200g

Lemon pepper salt

Although only a sauce to eat with seafood dishes but with its unforgettable flavor, salt lemon pepper Nha Trang is always the first choice in the local specialty list of visitors when arrived in the sea.

Nha Trang lemon peppersalt is made from the main ingredients such as: sugar, salt, chilli, lemon. Through the hands of the processor, it has created a smooth and pungent sauce but still retain the taste of sea character in Nha Trang without mixing with any other sauce.

Reference address:
- Dam Market
- Xom Moi Market 49 Ngo Gia Tu - Nha Trang
Price reference: 20-30,000 VND / bottle.

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