Famous Bun cha ca restaurant in Nha Trang – only known by locals

Famous Bun cha ca restaurant in Nha Trang – only known by locals
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Not only famous for the beautiful beaches, Nha Trang also known as a place with many delicious and unique dishes.

Just done dried and steamed fish rolls, crispy fresh jelly fish, clear broth together with fresh vegetables, tomato and chili combine in a bowl of Bun at the price of 20,000VND which is enough for you to know the flavor of coastal city.

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Famous dishes in Ms Tu restaurant

The owner of the restaurant, Ms Phuong, also called Ms Tu Beo, said: “The places a lot of tourists coming cannot attract the local residents because they know that those places are not the best places to enjoy the local specialties with the true flavor”. This restaurant was opened by Ms Tu’s mother in several dozens of years ago and now it is continued by Ms Tu. At first time, Bun bo (beef noodle) was the main dish of the restaurant and then was Bun cha ca (Fish roll noodle). At present, she maily sells Bun cha ca as well as Quang noodle, Banh canh, Bun sua, Banh mi xiu mai

Bun cha ca Nha Trang

Attractions of the famous Bun cha ca restaurant in Nha Trang

The restaurant opens from 1p.m to 7p.m. The main customers are the sellers in Xom Moi market. Some people buying steamed sticky rice come to the restaurant to buy fish rolls. Some other people order a bowl of Bun cha ca, Banh canh or Quang noodle and then she brings it to their shops.

Therefore, the restaurant only has a big umbrella to cover the sun and some small tables with dozens of plastic chairs for customers. A big table is used to arrange all types of ingredients such as fish rolls, jelly fish, noodle, fleshy meat, fresh vegetable and cannot-missed 2-3 pots of hot broth next to it. Because the restaurant is located on the sidewalk so in sunny days, you should come here in the late afternoon when the weather is cooler and not too sunny. The restaurant is small and does not have many chairs so it is not suitable for a big group.

When the customers order, Ms Tu quickly cut the noodle and put into a bowl, cut the just done fried fish rolls which is still hot, add the hot broth and steamed fish rolls as well as jelly fish (depended on the requirement of the customers), onion, vegetable and some slides of tomato.

Bun cha ca Nha Trang

With only 20,000VND, you can enjoy a strong flavor bowl of Bun cha ca. When eating Bun cha ca, you will be served a dish of fresh vegetable including bean sprouts, young banana flower, salad, Ruoc sauce, chili and lemon to add if necessary. Many people like ordering more jelly fish and dried fish rolls. The crispy fresh jelly fish pieces are served with young banana flower, fresh vegetables and the mixture of Ruoc and shrimp sauce. The dried fish rolls can be served with a bowl of chili fish sauce.

This dish is quite unique with the broth from fish bone. It makes the broth have a special flavor.

A bowl of noodle with hot clear broth, good smelling and slices of yellow dried fish rolls and white steamed fish rolls, green onion and crispy jelly fish creates a special flavor. In addition, a plate of fresh vegetables and a small bowl of fish sauce all combine to create an unforgettable taste. Bun cha ca Nha Trang is very suitable for people on diet because the main ingredient of this dish is fish.

All kinds of noodles in here have the price at 20,000-25,000 VND/bowl, Banh mi xiu mai is about 14,000VND/slot.    

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