The most expensive hotel room in Vietnam: 400 million VND/night

The most expensive hotel room in Vietnam: 400 million VND/night
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In rich countries, developing hotel rooms with the worth of a billion VND per night is no longer a strange thing. However, in Vietnam, there are only Presidential rooms that cost hundreds of millions VND a night.

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In the most luxurious hotels in the world there are special rooms (President Suite) for the president of the countries. The rent for one night in these hotel rooms is tens of thousands of dollars, equivalent to nearly a billion VND.

We have already known many of the world famous hotels in the United States, Europe or Dubai such as the royal standard atrium at the President Wilson Hotel (Geneva) which costs £ 53,000 a night-about $ 1.8 billion VND - the world's most expensive hotel with an area of 1.700m2 overlooking Geneva Lake; or hotel room Ty Warner (Four Seasons, New York) which costs nearly 37,000 pounds -1.2 billion VND; Palace room, Jumeirah Bodrum Palace Hotel, Bodrum, Turkey which costs more than 28,000 pounds - 970 million VND; Shahi Mahal Hotel, Raj Palace Hotel, Jaipur, India which is nearly 28.6 thousand pounds -960 million VND; Room Grand Hyatt Cannes Martinez, Cannes, France £ 27,416 per night - about 920 million VND , the most expensive 7- star room hotel in Dubai which costs 16.7 thousand pounds-535 million VND...

In Vietnam, many luxury hotels also have their own president suite, designed specifically for the heads of countries. Not any hotel or resort can provide this type of room, because it almost must meet very strict standards.

In many of the new six-star hotels, the Presidential Suite rooms are delicately designed; of course, the price paid for a one-night stay here is also high.

Times Square Presidential suite

Times Square Presidential suite at the price of 400 million VND

The most notable are the Presidential suites on 38th and 39th floors of Times Square Building. The price per night is nearly 400 million VND (more than 17000 USD). This is the Presidential hotel room, which is arguably the most expensive hotel room in Vietnam at the moment.

The total area of 313 m2 consists of two bedrooms, a living room, a working room, a dining room and a kitchen. The first bedroom is in the lower floor in royal style with the elegent color. Bathroom and toilet are more than 50 m2. In the room there are stairs up and down between two floors.

According to the manager of the hotel, the main highlight of the president room is the sophisticated interior design. Bathroom and toilet in the upper floor are designed a little different from the lower floor.

There is a group of trained staff with skills such as cleaning, tea making, child care and luggage handling ... The number of attendants is adjusted according to the number of guests and needs. There is no chef here. However, the customer is entitled to ask any chef of the hotel to prepare the dish according to his/her requirement, hobby and taste.

Presidential Suite (Marriott) at the price of 140 million VND

This hotel is located next to the lake of the National Convention Center (Hanoi), one of the new luxury hotels in Vietnam. Among them, Presidential Suite has a total area of 320 m2.

Presidential suite in Marriott hotel

The room is said to be rent up to $ 7,000 per night (equivalent to more than 140 million VND). Inside, there are 8 separate rooms, 3 large 47 inch TVs and a modern audio system. The most luxurious room at the hotel is at the end of the 5th floor lobby. This is also the location of the most prime among the hotel's 450 rooms.

This is also one of the rooms have the most beautiful view of the hotel.  From three sides and 270 degree angle and tilt window, you can comfortably look at Hanoi through the large glass.

In the Presidential Suite's living room, guests can see the panoramic view of the western part of Hanoi. Both suites are perfectly secured with the best security systems available to serve for the president.

Other Presidential rooms in other hotels

In addition, in Vietnam, many other hotels have a préidential room with their own design. President Suite InterContinental Hanoi Westlake, about 305m2 with 7 private balconies, is expected to cost about $ 4,500 a night.

Sofitel Hanoi, the presidential suite with a total area of about 200sqm located on the 6th floor, is expected to cost about $ 3,000 a night. This hotel room is specially designed with a library and meeting area, a standing shower, a French standing shower and all Hermès toiletries.

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