Cherish Your Inner Hippie While Exploring Cambodian Tourist Attractions

Cherish Your Inner Hippie While Exploring Cambodian Tourist Attractions
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Pack your bags, forget your mac and get ready to fly Cambodia for a grandeur experience of life. Whether you are an admirer of contemporary places or culture’s beauty strides you more, this country is a must travel. It got the perfect blend of old-world charm with the pinch of modernity.

Things to know before exploring to this heaven country:

  1. Affordable ways to explore the cities is via tuk-tuk
  2. Riel and USD are both accepted currencies
  3. Ease to get a visa for the country
  4. Average spend per person is $20-$25 per day(Here we are considering luxurious stay)
  5. The official language is Khmer but English is also used for communication
  6. Plan your visit between April and May to become the witness of Cambodia’s traditions and cultures

Hopefully, these things will help in planning the trip in a better way.

Hold your horses folk. Before you reach the country and wander aimlessly in the country, lets us give an exhilarating tour of Combodia through words.

1.    Angkor Wat


The first name in the list of Cambodia Tourist Attractions is definitely one of the seven wonders of the world, Angkor Wat. Considered as the largest religious monument of the world, it pool crowd from all over the world to appreciate the artistic beauty of Angkor temples. Along with the religious faith, it is one of the classic perfection of Khmer architecture. It got everything from guard lions welcoming you at the gateway to the 650 feet wide moat to the Mt Meru tower. Dedicated to the Gods Vishnu, Buddha and then Shiva, it remains the sole place for the religious foundation. This national pride got the place in the national flag of the country. The sunrise view over the Angkor Wat is totally a lifetime experience, so this time when you are in the country, nevermore miss the morning view.

2.     Phnom Penh


The capital city of the country is worth of your time and memories because it got life at each nook and corner. The gem city of the French-built colonies is located at the junction of three rivers Tonle Sap, Mekong and Bassac. It got the platter to serves its visitors from the colorful display of boat races to the independence monument to the royal palace to the shopping experience at the Central Market. Make sure to jot down this destination on your travel list before jumping to the next place.

3.    Koh Toch beach

How about enjoying a bonfire with the beautiful sea-view? They say beauty lies in the eye of the beholder but here at the beach at night, it lies at Koh Rong’s bioluminescent plankton. For adventure lovers, this beach is meant for you. Enjoy Jetski, windsurfing, Kayaking, zip-lining, blob jumping and whatnot. You name it and you will get it here. The ferry ride is most accessible of all, to reach the place.

4.      Battambang

This place should be on the list of people who really appreciate the beauty. This place gives you a true spirit of Combiadian culture and simplicity. Mix with the delicious eat out place at the arty cafes, and the place offers the authenticity of true Western, Khmer and French cuisines. Apart from the food, try your hand in weaving beautiful traditional clothing, bike riding on alongside paddy fields, bamboo train ride, temples visit and art of rice wine cultivation.

5.    Siem Reap


When you have jotted down the name of Angkor in your place, then this place deserves your sight view. The place got terrific night markets, boat tours and the oldest Buddhist temple to discover the real essence of life. Don’t miss the pub street and Apsara dance performance to sense the true vibes of the country.

6.    Mondulkiri


Set a step closer to nature with the Mondulkiri. This is an actual part of natural beauty with plentiful wildlife. You will be welcomed in the Mondulkiri province with the thick forest, beautiful waterfall, diversity of flora and fauna accompany with the verdant hills. The place got three waterfalls. Mayura Zipline ride that goes over the head of Bou Sra waterfalls is a must-try thing.

7.    Ream National Park

Welcome to the place of greenery and natural beauty, yes it’s Ream National Park. It is located at just 18 KMs away from the Sihanoukville city. The location is pretty filled with beauty and adventurous feel. It is an excellent combination of forests, coral reefs, wildlife and wild rivers.

8.    Tonle Sap lake


The real virtue and peace of Cambodian experience lie in Tonle Sap lake. This is a place to visit as it is packed with the floating villages, sunset view in the middle of Tonle Sap lake and beautiful villages. Even sightseeing of Greater and Lesser Adjuncts, Black-headed Ibis, Grey-headed Fish Eagle, Spot-billed Pelican are some of the frequent visitors at bird sanctuary of the Prek Toal.

9.    Ratanakiri


Ratanakiri is a must-go place when you are in Cambodia. It shared the border with Vietnam and Laos. Yeak Laom Volcanic Lake, Ka Chanh Waterfall, Ka Tieng Waterfall, Virachey National Park, Lomphat Wildlife Sanctuary and other numerous waterfalls. It is also the home of some endangered species of birds and animals. This place will take more closure to nature and its beauty.

Ready to Fly

We hope with this post; you got the list of best places to visit in Cambodia. Give a purpose to your life by traveling to this fantastic country. Cambodia is a promising country to shackle your professional and personal worries with its incredible beauty and amazing culture. What do you think about the post? All the comments and suggestions are welcomed in the comment section below. For all the travel advice and tips, keep coming to Travelila.