Did You Know These Surprising Rock Salt Lamp Benefits for Toddlers?


What are Crystal Salt Lamps and How Do They Work?

These are salt rock formations, and they have carvings in the center made from chisels. They place the bulb inside the salt rock which they power on through a switch. When crystal salt lamps are turned on, there is the production of heat that dries out the water or moisture from the surrounding air. They are most useful in humid areas.

Also, people believe that these lamps produce negative ions. The function of these negative ions is to neutralize the positive ions available in the surrounding air. They will also attract other substances that may pose harm to people such as bacteria, dust, pollen, and more.

Since the crystal salt lamps emit negative ions, they are very active in reducing radioactive and electromagnetic substances. These substances are always coming out from most of our home gadgets like televisions, microwaves, mobile phones, and computers. These waves have substantial adverse effects on babies.

But are Rock Salt Lamps Safe for Toddlers?

A home is perfect for babies when it is warm. This is why busy people are always busy looking for products that will help them succeed in getting maximum relaxation and peace at home. The Himalayan salt lamp is one of the products that these people are always using to achieve maximum results. People are still admiring these rock salt lamps because it has positive effects and health benefits in humans. These include improving mood and sleeping patterns, air purification, reduction of respiratory diseases, and boosts mood.

Although benefits of  Himalayan salt lamps have many health benefits for everybody, too much salt is dangerous for babies – this is according to the Food Sciences and Nutrition International Journal. This can lead to hypertension, seizures, and gastric diseases. With these, scientists recommend that parents should reduce the use of crystal salt lamps from children, especially babies.

You can put your babies at risk if the crystal salt lamps are placed at a lower height than the babies can reach easily. Also, babies can lick the salt lamp, and it will lead to the consumption of too much salt. The lamp can also tip over them and hurt them. It would be best if you kept Crystal salt lamps in a safe place because they are heavy and they can fall on babies. In addition to this, they consist of electrical components that can be dangerous to children.

Above all, crystal salt lamps can also pose fire-related hazards to your children. Faulty bulbs and wirings of salt lamps may lead to fire from sparks; this may be dangerous to your children. This is mainly if you have children that can walk around the house freely.

Surprising Rock Salt Lamp Benefits for Toddlers

  1. Harmonizing of Electromagnetic Radiation

We all expose ourselves and our babies to everyday appliances like computers, cell phones, tablets, and televisions which are always releasing positive ions into the air. All these electronic devices can lead to the overflow of electromagnetic radiation. Although invisible, scientists believe that electromagnetic radiation causes a lot of serious long-term effects. Some of the constant exposure to EM causes include increased stress, fatigue, and weaken the immune system in babies. However, since Himalayan salt lamps release negative ions, it will cause the cancelation of these positive ones.

  1. Boosting Overall Breathing

In babies and adults, cilia are the finite hairs that are acting like microscopic breathing filters along the windpipe. According to scientists, the presence of positive ions decreases the activity of cilia. Conversely, the presence of negative ions, like those produced by Himalayan salt lamps, increases their activity. This way, you can put Himalayan salt lamps in your homes to increase the presence of negative ions and to improve breathing in babies and adults. The lungs will also be clean because there will be no foreign particles in the air.

  1. Deodorize, Cleanse, and Sanitize Surrounding Air

The operation called hygroscopy is the process through which rock salt lamps are using to sanitize and clean the air. This process attracts contaminated water particles from the surrounding air and sticks them into the salt crystal. After this, the process will have to get rid of dust, cigarette smoke, and other particles from the air. This will help to provide an improved air quality to your baby. It will also clear their air passages which will, in turn, improve their overall health.

  1. Get Rid of Asthma and Calm Allergies 

Since these salt rocks get rid of mold, mildew, dust, and pet dander from the air, they will help to clear airways. They work just like nasal saline spray that makes use of salt to provide a more unobstructed airway. They help to get rid of all kinds of allergy symptoms. This does not exclude those who are struggling with asthma. Rock salt lamp is an effective breathing aid, and there are now Himalayan salt inhalers. People suffering from bronchitis, asthma, and other respiratory issues are those using these rock salt inhalers.

  1. Boost the Flow of Blood 

As seen in different studies, negative ions can accelerate blood flow. These negative ions do not exclude those that Himalayan salt lamps are producing. The increase in blood flow will help to get rid of several vascular system health disorders. It can also help to reduce or prevent damages to the lungs. You will be protecting your baby once you started using the Himalayan salt lamps.

  1. Sharpen Performance and Concentration 

Your babies need to have a high level of concentration and performance. When you expose them to Himalayan salt lamps earlier, they will have no stress. Also, this will boost their overall performance and concentration. The negative ions that Himalayan salt lamps are producing help to increase the flow of blood and thus will increase the supply of oxygen to the brain. This will, in turn, improve concentration. Your baby will be happy because these negative ions will increase the production of the neurotransmitter serotonin.

  1. Promote Relaxation by Reducing Stress

After taking your baby around, you can reduce the stress by putting your baby in a room where you place the Himalayan salt lamps. These crystal salt lamps used chronotherapy (also known color therapy) to alleviate a large number of illnesses. The Himalayan salt lamps produce different lights in red, orange, and yellow to help relieve people from attention deficit disorder, stress, and boost general relaxation. The lights that the Himalayan salt lamp is producing will help to balance emotional, spiritual, and physical energies.

The Conclusion

Above all, the production of Himalayan salt lamps varies in sizes, features, prices, and colors. It would be best if you were extra careful when buying Himalayan salt lamps (click here to buy) to avoid the harmful effects for your babies. Some of the areas of the crystal salt lamps that you must check before buying include the sturdy base, authenticity of salt rocks, safety wirings, and foundation.