Hanoi – A romantic beauty in the winter


Hanoi in the winter is the images of the white daisy, the warm coat and the babies in their parents’ arms. The winter is really coming. Around Hoan Kiem lake, only several people do exercise. The drizzling rain makes the street secluded than usual because all people are hurry up to find a warm place or go home to enjoy the free time at the weekend with their family.

>>The daisy to call winter

Hanoi’s winter – the season of Daisy

Hanoi is not as busy and bustling as Saigon because Hanoians love a slow life to enjoy each taste which is endowed by the nature. Referred to Hanoi’s winter, many people will remember to the white daisy alarming the seasonal transition moment.

It seems that the daisy has a private role of reminding the northern land about the upcoming winter. Hanoi’s winter is covered by the white daisy in only 2 weeks so it is not difficult to understand why this kind of flower has a special meaning to Hanoians. Every house, everyone, at that time, wants to keep the beautiful moments with these flowers.

Be colorful with the yellow cauliflower

In every corner, the people living in the peri-urban areas are attracted by the colorful yellow cauliflower. It brings a peaceful feeling for Hanoians.

The fields of yellow cauliflowers look like a endless carpet enchanting many people. The cauliflowers in the winter grow much in the area along Duong river, Trau Quy and Gia Lam. Therefore, do not need to go far, Hanoians can enjoy a beautiful landscape in the cold weather.

The yellow cauliflower via ABAY.vn

The drizzling rains

In the winter, the cold winter makes people shiver, but when the drizzling rain comes, it makes everyone feel more comfortable. The rains last very long. The tourists coming to Hanoi at this time will have the feeling of being in the romantic Da Lat.

On these days, Hanoians often gather together in the coffee shops, hotpots restaurant and some eateries selling some featured dishes in the winter to feel the warmth spreading throughout the body.

Popular activities in Hanoi’s winter

Eating ice-cream

The cold wind which is the feature of Hanoi cannot prevent the young people from enjoying ice-cream. It seems that the colder the weather is, the crowder the ice-cream shops on Thanh Nien, Trang Tien and Thuy Ta streets are. The young people are so excited when enjoying the ice-cream in the cold weather.

Walking on Long Bien bridge

Long Bien bridge is always crowded, not only in the hot summer days, but also in the cold days. Standing on the bridge and look over the Red river to watch the white reed fields at the foot of the bridge or enjoying the baked corn are the exciting experiences in the winter.

Long Bien bridge via Aswana Cliche

Eating the grilled dishes

The winter is the prosperity of the grilled dishes. Enjoying the grilled foods in the cold weather will bring you a different feeling. If you have the opportunity to come to Hanoi in the winter, do not forget Le Duc Tho street to enjoy this specialty.

Admire the city in the early morning

If somebody complains about a busy and narrow Hanoi, try to wake up early to admire the city in the early morning. It is so peaceful and fresh. The small streets still sleep in the fog so Hanoi at that time is very quiet and ancient. If you love Hanoi’s winter, you will be amazed by the beauty of the city.

Take photograph with the daisy

Take photograph with the daisy via Zing.vn

The daisy makes Hanoi become more dreamy and pure in the winter. It is an indispensable part at the seasonal transition of Hanoi. With the gentle beauty of Hanoi, you surely will have many beautiful pictures with this flower.

Discover Hanoi at night

At night, Hanoi is not busy and bustling anymore. It comes back to the quiet and sparkling beauty. Some people said that Hanoi is the most beautiful at night. Walking around the streets of Hanoi at night, you can feel the breath and vitality of this land. In addition, you can stop at some eateries on the sidewalk to enjoy some specialties such as porridge or baked chestnut. It is so interesting.

Buy woolen items on Dinh Liet street

In the winter, it is easy to find the image of gentle Hanoi girls knitting the colorful woolen items. These items have become an indispensable part of Hanoians in the winter. Dinh Liet street is “the familiar paradise of woolen items” – the favorite place of Hanoi grils to buy something for themselves and their relatives.

Enjoy a cup of coffee in the Old Quarter

Enjoy a cup of coffee in the Old Quarter via www.classiccoffee.com.vn

In the cold weather, enjoying a cup of hot coffee and watching the busy street has become a habit of Hanoians. Holding a cup of hot café with an attractive smelling and chatting with your friends will start a special day in a very normal way.

Visit the flower night market

At the night flower market, all the activities occur in the warm lights. Tay Tuu or Quang Ba is the familiar names to those who love flowers in Hanoi. If you have the opportunity, you can visit these famous markets to see the beautiful flowers as well as feel the bustling life of the city in the early morning.

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