Kiosk sidewalks- Hanoi Glimpse

Hang Rong

Kiosk sidewalks long have been a features of the city wards in Vietnam, went to the lifestyle of many urban people. But asked if the sidewalks are consistent ever since, it is difficult one can give the answer is …

To say that, not only Hanoi has new sidewalks, as fact, the French authorities set up protection of land Bac Ky after processing of whom belong to local, West Street in Hanoi was built later than. However, when it comes to consistent sidewalks, people can  not consider to Hanoi. What made it so impressive?
Hang Rong
“Hanoi autumn, autumn Hanoi, season of flowers milk, scented streets each child, season of green com , aromatic small hands, com milk sidewalks, walk through the perfume.” Musical doctor celebrated Trinh Cong Son once through Hanoi sent a gift of this great work: “Remember the Hanoi autumn.” Com referred to Hanoi, must be talk Com Vong village. With the villagers, cook not only for inventory and chew, but also to preserve a beautiful lifestyle. Weather in autumn, autumn wind will cool, it’s the sound of the com pounding com regularly. For then the result is Ron com, soft com, com the original leg of her, she on the street. Sidewalks this corner, the difficulties of her clothing deep sheet set up a bamboo basket, cake and lotus leaves cover com for last. Summer street party, girls spring, the application has already offered cereal, tea com. Customers use cốm with banana pepper, to find the soft sweet appeased, delicate phase flavor, easy to make people sit between city wards that idea as the rice fields of his color …

“Winter night, we dream dreams family love. Winter nights, we walk room glass ceiling forgiveness means …”. Winter night, “I like the cold north, a cold Hanoi, he put me through Kham Thien street to try to feel” She haven’t a house in winter night “t hat Nguyen Van Thuong artist confide !” – A distant land first time in Hanoi, what would also like to know. A wandering, find yourself standing in front of every building boil, pulling you sit down with the child seat con. “How few cups of wine cork by banana leaf for the warm stomach?” – His response to you in a glance. Wine just pouring out two cups county meetings, there have been hot medium-sized edible snail of smoke on the table with two bowls of water periods. Smell of marijuana, peppers, lemon-scented leaves concentration, water pieces radiate first tongue. Screws to just nine, while crispy maintaining , to the mouth was found prickly numbness numbness, swallowing and see the sweet light “Where’s snail so?” – “Snail in West lake , you!”. Asked again: “The excellent sauce too, What do you knows secret of making sauce?”. A embarrassment smile bloom pink cheeks the pair, perhaps because the kitchen’s “Oh, have a secret”. Pace, his foot a few: “The Hanoi people is a private people”. Right , solemn and deep-lying and he will remember when you leave.

She was on spring, weather will be cold. Heavy dust as the lat, in the few clothes, roof top. Spring rolling ware come back the wall to wall, the temporary plastic sheet to cover the edges sidewalks. Tomorrow he is on the side, long long time again, only to meet, I lead him to play Hanoi last day, surrounding a time, and then find on the sidewalk – there spring rolls. Girdle cake is slim, pure, fat rub all. You seem a bit lest; understand that, he said “You just try to go where no big worry.” Cake tasting on the behalf gently, very fragrant fried meat, brittle cat’s ear, the more poignant by fresh salty water use, you are not shy anymore. Increase sour , acrid of sauce make his friend raise sauce’s bow drink to warm heart, re-appointment meet again. travel to vietnam