The Vietnam renovation process that began in 1986 has brought a great push to the development of sports in Vietnam along with positive social and economic changes. This sports movement has drawn in the participation of millions of people of all ages.

Today sports in Vietnam thrives. One may hit on groups of people engaged in the traditional Chinese shadow boxing or tajiquan, deep-breathing training, playing badminton and mini-soccer. There are professional courses on judo, karate and taekwondo which are passions for the youth in Vietnam. Vietnam has also began to make its mark in the international sporting arena with its first silver medal won at the 2000 Sydney Olympics by Hieu Ngan Tran for martial art tae kwon do.

Even though sports in Vietnam have made its mark more in the area of martial arts, the most popular of the various Vietnam sports is soccer. Those concerned with soccer in Vietnam are not only the players but also the mass of soccer fans. Some other popular Vietnamese sports are cycling, badminton, table tennis and volleyball.

Water sports in Vietnam are also popular activities in a country that boasts of 2121 miles of coastline. The pristine beaches of Vung Tau, Vietnam and Nha Trang are good snorkeling and scuba diving spots. Other popular Vietnamese games are hiking and horse riding in the beautiful countryside.

Sports in Vietnam, however is more known internationally for chess, kungfu and shooting. The prominent Player and the Great Prominent Player Honors were awarded to many Vietnamese chess players by the International Chess Federation.