The daisy to call winter

The daisy to call winter
The daisy to call winter

When the cold winds of the winter begin to blow, it is the time the daisy blooming, remarking another winter coming to Hanoi.

The beautiful daisy

Nhat Tan and Tay Tuu flower gardens in these days are filled with pure white of daisy or cuc hoa mi in Vietnamese. These flowers appear in late November, when winter is coming. Compared with previous years, this year’s flower season bloom later than 10 days. The flowers do not bloom simultaneously so the growers cut the blooming flowers first for sale.

Growing flower area is expanded by residents this year, one reason is that this flower is easy to grow and the other reason is the daisies thanks to shooting service which brings fair income compared to the growing flowers.

The daisy to call winter
The daisy to call winter

Daisies are small flower which often wildly grew. It is white and fragrant, only blooms in a very short time, about two weeks before the end.

After each flower season, people remove trunk and keep the root and maintain until the next year. Flowers are grown and cultivate about 5 months to harvest.

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Where to see

Daisies carpet stretching far as the eye brings a relaxed feeling for anyone who arrive the garden.

In these days, photography services in the gardens began to go into operation. Visitors can go to the valley 374 or 264 on Au Co Street, Tay Ho District, Hanoi, where many fields are in bloom white flowers.

The daisies were previously considered as crops interspersed with cherry or cranberry trees. But so far, the income from the flowers brings the main revenue in the end of the year because the well care may create tens-of-million revenue per season.

The daisy to call winter
The daisy to call winter

Flower lovers go to the garden to feel the flavor and buy flowers as a gift to friends and family.

On Le Duan, Giang Vo, Mai Hac De, Ba Trieu and Thanh Nien street … we easily met many trucks full of daisies from early morning to late night.