The Lifestyle Of Vietnamese People In The Countryside

Vietnam Life in The Countryside
Vietnam Life in The Countryside

Vietnam is still a highly agrarian society with eighty percent of the population living in rural villages scattered throughout the lowlands, mountainous areas and the coastal line. The countryside in the lowlands of Vietnam is filled with bamboo-hedged villages, beautiful patch works of green paddies, hard-working farmers in their conical hats, and water buffaloes.

Overview of Vietnam

Vietnam is a small country nestled in the edge of the South China sea in the Indochina peninsula. The country shares the borderline with China in the north, Laos and Cambodia in the west. Before the innovation at the end of the 80s of 20th century, Vietnam was totally a mysterious country that was just known as a country of war. After nearly 30 years of reform and innovation, Vietnam has changed very much in all aspects of economy, culture, and society. Nowadays, Vietnam becomes one of the fastest developing countries in the world that receives the investment of many countries in the world.  The face of Vietnam has changed, the urban areas rise and expand quickly, whereas the rural areas have been urbanized that cause the changes in the lifestyle of rural people.

The lifestyle of Vietnamese people in the countryside

People in the north

Vietnam Life in The Countryside
Vietnam Life in The Countryside

Northern villages are the cradle of Vietnamese culture where it is the root and saves the valuable traditions and customs of Vietnamese people. With the habit of working in teams and being helpful to one another, villagers usually earn their living from farming, raising livestock and making handicrafts. Northern people live in a small community with a temple or a communal cultural house where great events, such as festivals worshipping the village god and traditional games are organized. The traditional villages of northern people are defined by the bamboo trees surround the village, the village’s gate is the main entrance to detect to the village with the banyan tree and a village well near the gate. However, the face of northern villages nowadays have many changes, you will rarely see the bamboo trees, or banyan tree instead of the brick houses and concrete road. Many of northerners did not do farming anymore, they move to other fields. Along with that, the lifestyle of northern people has become busier and noisier instead of a peaceful atmosphere in the past.

However, the villages in the far distance of the big cities still keep its specific landscape of traditional villages and the lifestyle of local people are unchanged. It is such the best destination for tourists to seek for a peaceful Vietnam.

People in central

Vietnam Life in The Countryside
Vietnam Life in The Countryside

In the Central of Vietnam, a place suffering lots of natural disasters all the year round, citizens tend to be more studious and hard-working than those in regions with favorable conditions. People in the central highlands and the northern mountains lived by growing rice, rubber trees, coffee and tea as well as hunting. However, industrialization has created new types of work and different lifestyles in a country that used to depend mainly on agriculture. Instead of working in farms, many people choose to work in industrial zones or move to cities in search of a good job. Recently the tourism in the central of Vietnam is developing very fast with a lot of resorts and new tourist destinations that are discovered and exploited for tourism. Many of people in the villages nearby have moved to work in the serviced fields and their life have improved a bit.

People in the south

Villagers in the Southern usually live in houses lined up along central road and built on stilts to keep above flood waters. Along the coastal lines, fishermen depend on the sea as a means of livelihood. Compared to other regions in Vietnam, the lifestyle of local people in rural areas is more rustic and comfortable. Let’s come to the rural areas in the south of Vietnam to immerse yourself into a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere surrounded by amazingly refreshing landscape. Crossing the small roads in the peaceful village, you can see more shade of green than ever and for sure you will fall in love with this simple beauty. In fact, the countryside in southern Vietnam is one of the most desirable places to live despite not having skyscrapers, tall buildings, modern hotels and restaurants. Coming to this land, you can live your life to the fullest without being subjected to the hustling and bustling atmosphere as in crowded cities. It is great to enter the fruit gardens to pick up the tropical fruits and enjoy the cool fresh air or sail on the canal to visit the floating markets.

In short, all of regions in the territory of Vietnam have its one beauty and characteristics that reflect the culture and lifestyle of people in that region. Once you get to Vietnam, let’s take a Vietnam trip from the north to south to feel all the beauty of Vietnam. If you need further information about Vietnam and Vietnam destinations, please come to contact us to get more details. Thank you!