Community tourism – a new tourism type in Sin Sui Ho

Community tourism – a new tourism type in Sin Sui Ho
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Travelling to explore the culture and festival of Mong ethnic people is an interesting thing to many tourists. Mr Vang A Lai in Sin Sui Ho, is very proud when talking about his peoples’s culture: “H’Mong ethnic people has many traditional cultural features such as festival, dance and “khen moi” or “khen la” (a musical instrument of H’Mong peoples). “Khen la” for all male and female to call partner is an unique feature of H’Mong people.”

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Community tourism in Sin Sui Ho

In recent years, the tourism form of home stay has been developed. The tourists will have the opportunities to enjoy the specialities of local people such as boiled pork, vegetables in forest, sour bamboo shoots, cassava vegetables… To the tourists loving studying and exploring the culture related to culinary, dances and songs of H’Mong people, the host will instruct directly for them to practice.

Community tourism in Sin Sui Ho Community tourism in Sin Sui Ho

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In the days having many visitors, the local people will organize art performance to welcome. Mr Vang A Chinh in Sin Sui Ho village said the village has 100 households, in which 6 households carry out home-stays model, each household serves for 8 to 10 guests. All houses are equipped internet and standard toilet for tourists.

Talking about community tourism destination Sin Sui Ho, Mr Le Quang Minh, Head of Tourism Business under the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism in Lai Chau province said: “Because all households in here are H’Mong people, they mainly speak and write H’Mong language, so their life is an abundant source for tourists to explore.”

The support of province to Sin Sui Ho

Sin Sui Ho Sin Sui Ho

Lai Chau Province implemented the program of Preferential loans to support for local peole to promote community tourism. As expected, in this year, the province will invest 180 billion VND in expanding the way from Lai Chau to Sin Sui Ho in order to meet the demand of tourists. At that time, Sin Sui Ho will be an attracting community tourism destination to domestic and international visitors.