Keo Pagoda Festival 2016

Keo Pagoda Festival 2016
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In the morning of October 4th, People's Committee of Vu Thu district (Thai Binh province) organized a press conference about the organization plan of Keo Pagoda Festival 2016. It is one of two typical relics in Thai Binh province which are recognized as special national monuments.

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The time of Keo pagoda festival

Accordingly, Keo Pagoda Festival will take place in six days, from October 10th to October 15th (ie, from September 10th to 15th on lunar calendar). The festival will take place at the same time with the 1000th anniversary of the birthday of Duong Khong Lo (1016-1094) and those who constructed Keo Pagoda.

Keo Pagoda Festival 2016 Keo Pagoda Festival 2016

Keo Pagoda Festival is a regional festival, which also reserves many traditional rituals such as the ceremony of opening  temple’s door, holy Buddha praising ceremony inside the temple; Holy procession…

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Keo pagoda

Keo Pagoda (also known as Than Quang Tu), consists of two groups of buildings: the place of worshipping Buddha and the Temple of Duong Khong Lo Staint, a Ly Dynasty monk who constructed the pagoda.

Keo Pagoda Festival 2016 Keo Pagoda Festival 2016

After nearly 400 years, Keo Pagoda remained almost intact and unique architecture from 17th-century. In general, Keo pagoda now has 17 buildings with 128 rooms. Featured in Keo temple campus are structures such as the Three offices, Buddha Temple, Staint palace, building of the monks and the garden tower …