Trans-ASEAN tour for vintage scooter riders

Trans-ASEAN tour for vintage scooter riders
UPDATED: 13 Apr 2012 284 Views

Vespa riders will have the chance to arouse great passion for the vintage scooter with their counterparts from several Southeast Asian countries during the 2012 trans-ASEAN motor tour.

The Hanoi Vespa Club will launch the tour on April 14, encompassing Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, with a total length of approximately 4,000km.

The trans-ASEAN journey comes hot on the heels of the club’s successful hosting of the 2,000-km long Trans-Vietnam tour in 2008 and the 3,000-km long Trans-Indochina tour in 2011.

Club members have spent 10 months preparing for the upcoming tour which is expected to last two weeks, says Do Vo Tuan Dung, club leader

The club has received support from 2,600 members of Vietnam Vespa communities and thousands of the vintage scooter lovers around the world.

The club will produce a documentary and a diary recording what they experience throughout the journey to introduce international friends to the distinctive cultural identities of the five countries.

Source: VOV