Vietnam’s tourism promoted in UAE and Slovakia


(VOV) – The leading United Arab Emirates-based newspaper Gulf News on August 20 ran an article entitled “Discover Vietnam” by Skhan Kar, deputy editor in chief of Gulf News’s photo magazine.

Miss Vietnam promotes tourism in Egypt

The illustrated three-page article featured Vietnam as an ideal attraction for foreign tourists with famous landscapes such as Ha Long Bay, Sa Pa, and Hanoi.

A few days ago, on August 14 and 16, a 30-minute TV programme about Vietnam was broadcast on Slovakia’s Television Station TA3.

The programme highlighted Vietnam’s good hotel services and famous tourist attractions in the northern mountainous region.

It also quoted Branislav Stefanik, a tourist who has been to Vietnam many times, as saying that despite a lot of difficulties, Vietnam has achieved fast economic growth.

Vietnamese people are very hard-working, open-hearted, friendly, and active, he said.

The programme also provided TV viewers with necessary information related to Vietnam’s entry/exit and customs regulations.