7 things to keep in mind when couples travel at the first time

7 things to keep in mind when couples travel at the first time
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The first holiday with a lover is always very emotional, affecting the long-term relationship, so to keep things perfectly, you need to keep in mind something.

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1. Do not just travel around the city

Enjoying a holiday that is just around the corner and there are not many tourist attractions and place to see are disappointing. Stuffy spaces of urban areas are never suitable for couples. The noise of vehicles and crowded roads ... is difficult to give you the feeling of relaxation. Choose a vacation space away from urban areas.

Before going, it is necessary for both of them to work together on a schedule and in that they must meet at least the wishes of the other party. She likes to visit resort A, he wants to go to sea. In this situation, try to balance the schedule, so that both enjoy as much as possible, but do not just schedule a person's preferences.

2. Avoid going to the places where you go with your ex-lover

It is very clear to know that old places, especially places where you have too many memories with ex-lover, should never choose to enjoy your romantic holiday. Instead, discover a new place and work together to create unforgettable memories between you.

7 things to keep in mind when couples travel at the first time via Bao Dan Tri

3. Do not fall into the dilemma of money

It does not sound romantic, but it's best to discuss the travel budget in advance. The approach to spending is a common cause of bickering. Understanding how to spend each other (savers, liberals, average spenders ...) is also the necessary knowledge to lay a solid foundation for future conjugal life.

Money is a delicacy and females should limit their payments to their boyfriend. It is best to be fair. Before the trip, a person kept the fund and is only allowed to use it.

4. Stay away from the phone for the whole trip

Holiday is a precious time for you to be together. It is not the time for each persom with the own phone keep an eye on. If you use your phone, set a certain time interval of one hour so that you both have time to check email, social networking ... Along with the money issue, the phone is also one of the main causes of debates.

5. Occasionally create private space

Even if you are in a romantic getaway, you do not have to be together every minute of the day. No one can get used to living together and looking at each other 24 / 24h, even couples. Instead, give each other a bit of privacy.

6. Never abandon partner

7 things to keep in mind when couples travel at the first time via Bao Dan Tri

Spending a little bit of space and time alone is essential, but do not give your partner the feeling that you do not have this holiday for them or that you do not want your partner to be with you. This is a holiday of two people, not your own so do not let anyone feel abandoned.

She often car sick? He should have some tablets ready. Can not you tolerate a hotel bath towel? Remember to remind him to bring a towel - those actions are small but express your interest in the enemy. The long trip you carelessly abandoned him, he would be very embarrassing.

7. Be realistic

Finally, do not be too short of reality. You may think that the first holiday is the time to create the absolute happiness between you, but in reality there are always some conflicts and uncertainties. You may have sunburn, abdominal pain, drunkenness, asthma ... But do not worry because it is part of the experience of every couple.

Ordinary dating has sometimes been contradictory. It is even worse in travelling when two of you are together 24/24. Certainly you can not avoid a controversy. At times, always remember to respect and listen to the opinions of the opponent, gentle behavior, do not lightweight, or else lose fun.

If one of the two takes responsibility for the booking, but if there is a mistake and both have no accommodation, do not blame him. Travel is a common experience. Both are responsible for making the trip fun. So when there's a problem - let's solve it together.

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