Good technological applications for your trip

Good technological applications for your trip
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The New York Times tells you some of the technological applications that will help your vacation get better without stress or fatigue. Vacation is a part of life, but your holiday can quickly worsen if the things you plan to get out of control, which is very likely to happen when you travel to a strange place.

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At the airport, rummaging your luggage for airfare sometimes gets us frustrated. On the streets, it's annoying when you miss the road because it's too time consuming to navigate the map on the phone. Even before you leave, finding a good flight at an affordable price is not an easy task.

All of these causes are easy to get stressful, tired and not goodyou’re your vacation. The Wirecutter - The New York Times website that introduces lifestyle gadgets - offers several apps that can help your vacation get better.

No longer worrying about electronic tickets

If you have to rush to the airport, you still worry about the e-ticket which just wastes your time. When printing, e-tickets are easy to lose. In addition, it can completely "sink" in your inbox which is full of emails. The answer lies in TripIt - a free mobile app - or Google Trips.

Both of these applications will replace you with electronic tickets, hotel reservations, car rental ... in your inbox, and tick all in a very neat way. This makes it easy to find your e-ticket for quick check-in at the airport.

The TripIt app is easier to read because it's simple, and GoogleTrips includes many coupons and referrals for things you need to do.
It is important to note, since both of these applications perform a "scan" of your inbox to find out what travel-related emails are about. If you are concerned about privacy or confidentiality, create a best-in-box email box.

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Bringing smartphones while traveling abroad

Many people think that traveling abroad is a good measure to "detox" technology for a short time. However, in essence, holding the smartphone on hand will be extremely handy to map and find the place you need.

Usually, the cheapest way to use a foreign phone is to unlock your phone and use the SIM card of your home country. The downside of this way is that you have to buy multiple SIMs if you go to different countries.

If you want to be simpler, you can choose the free International roaming service, Google ProjectFi subscription for $ 30 per month and you can use it in over 135 countries.

Many mobile operators also offer international services, but the cost is usually quite expensive. For smartphones, the battery life is very important. In addition to the battery removable charger, you should carry spare battery charger to ensure the phone "security" is always active throughout the day.

Listening to music to help relax the spirit

Your top priority when taking traffic on the road is how to be safe, next is how to find the shortest way to get to the right place, secondly how to avoid the frustration. outbreak. Listening to your favorite music is a great way to stay relaxed during your trip.

If you are not sitting on luxury cars, enjoying music on long trips is not difficult. It is necessary to have a device that connects your phone to a stereo system, or you must have an Anker SoundSync Drive kit for $ 20. The $ 11 TechMatte MagGrip is a necessary addition, so you can put it behind the windshield to keep your phone firmly in place.

Finally, you can not forget to keep the power of the phone, the AnkerPowerDrive 2 charger is the choice that many people recommend.

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Booking flights and hotels for efficiency

Your holiday can turn into a nightmare if you have bad hotels and travel on expensive flights. Finding good value flights and pleasant hotels is not easy and requires a lot of experience.

Hopper is a useful application to help travelers navigate the flight. Just enter your flight date and destination, how many transfers will be made (multitrip) ... the system will give you a forecast of when the airfare will be lowest and will tell you when it will be suitable for the booking.

Finding a hotel is more complicated as it relates to the subjective assessment of the traveler. Before making a decision, you can go to the TripAdvisor or Yelp app to see the reviews of those who have experienced a hotel.

Keeping your luggage safe

Perhaps everyone has heard the unfortunate stories of lost luggage at the airport, someday, you will probably be in that situation. Expensive luggage equipped with positioning technology is a good way. But a solution for your loss less money, it is the intelligent Bluetooth Tracker, as Tile products cost only $ 25.

Finding luggage in the conveyor belt is sometimes quite difficult, as this is the kind of Tile equipment you put in your luggage that will signal when it's near you.

If your luggage is lost, just by telling the system, any customer of the Tile app that comes close to your luggage will be synchronized with the system, and you immediately know where the luggage is. it's on the map.

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