How to get through airport security gate easily

How to get through airport security gate easily
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Passing through security gates is one of the procedures that can get you in trouble at the airport every time you travel. However, please pocket the following tips to pass through this area more convenient.

>>Good technological applications for your trip

The first thing to remember is to get your laptop and electronics out of the body, put the water bottles in the trash and unfasten the waistband. Bring simple shoes because you will also be asked to remove your shoes when crossing the security gate. Some travel specialists have shared more ways to save time:

Estimate waiting time

There are several ways to help you estimate when you will need to wait for airport security checks. For example, if you are in the US, you can use a phone application called MyTSA developed by the US Transportation Security Administration. This app can be installed on the Android and iOS platforms or directly through the browser to see how many people are waiting in line.

Another application, called MiFlight, is also used by passengers to estimate crowdsourcing crowdsourcing and airport map tracking.

Use a bag for jewelry

In order to avoid missing items such as keys, wallets, phones, air tickets and IDs when passing through security gates, you can put them all in a zip lock bag.

Avoid wearing boots or the shoes with multiple wires. Instead, wear simple shoes to take off and bring in quickly. Also, wear socks to avoid having to walk barefoot after taking off your shoes.

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Always charge your phone

This note is reserved for those who have a habit of using the phone to produce airline tickets. Always save your phone battery and do not use it for other purposes like surfing the web, listening to music unless you have passed the security gate.

There is nothing worse than having your phone run out of battery power or shutting down the power supply at the time of your presentation.

Children do not have to take off their shoes

At the airport, there are some exceptions for children. You can bring baby drinks such as breastmilk and fruit juices, but just enough. In addition, children under the age of 13 do not need to remove their shoes, hats and coats.

Law 20 minutes

Always deduct 20 minutes of travel time to the airport, do not watch the time because you can get stuck in traffic, forget items or entercount unexpected trouble. This helps you relax when passing through the security gate and look for the departure station.

Learn the rules at the security gate

Make sure before removing the security gate, remove prohibited items from the suitcase such as scissors, knives, sharp objects, lighters, drinking water with a capacity of more than 100 ml. Guess the rules, you should take some time to read them and do to throw away some prohibited things.

Arrange logically and scientifically your furniture

If you have hand luggage on the plane, arrange the contents of your bag / suitcase in a scientific and reasonable way so that you can retrieve items quickly. Essential and important documents, such as air tickets, passports and boarding passes, should be stored in a separate compartment or a sealed bag, not in the same compartment as the other. As such, you can make sure you do not lose your papers and when the security door can be quickly removed for inspection by the staff.
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Take a serious attitude, do not joke through the security door

Talking at the airport and especially at the security gate is a taboo activity. A thoughtless speech can cause you to be severely punished, may even be grafted into a crime of aviation security, leading to severe consequences for yourself.

Try to arrive at the airport on time

You should try to arrive early in the airport to check-in and check security on time. At the recommendation of the airline, you should arrive at the airport at least 03 hours before departure time.

Remember the procedure through the security door

If you've ever been on a plane, try to remember the procedures and requirements that come through the security door to learn from the experience. In addition, please note the following when arriving at the airport:
  • Prepare all necessary identification documents.
  • Packing checked baggage in accordance with regulations and permitted weight. If you are overweight at the airport, you will have to pay a premium for the excess baggage.
  • After check-in and through the airport security gate, you can sit in the waiting room waiting for the door of the aircraft. Be sure not to move too far from this area to be aware of employee announcements. Avoid sleeping, may be delayed at the door of the aircraft.

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