How long to get Vietnam visa?

Vietnam visa
Vietnam visa

You may wonder how long it takes to get your Vietnam visa done? Normally, you have two choices to get your Vietnam visa: Option 1 – apply by yourself at the Embassy/Consulate; and Option 2 – apply online (for both visa on arrival and visa code). Accordingly the processing time differs between those. The latter always takes less time. Details as follows:

Option 1: Apply for Vietnam visa at Vietnam Embassy in your current area on your own

You can get one by directly visiting the Embassy/Consulate and pick it up by yourself. Or, you may download it from the internet, fill it out and send by mail carrier with a stamped, self-addressed pre-paid return envelope to the Visa section – Vietnam Embassy/Consulate there.

Option 2: Apply for Vietnam visa online.

For both types – visa picked up at arrival airport (visa on arrival) and visa picked up at Embassy/Consulate (visa code), applicants can go online and get it via email after 1 or 2 days;