Top 30 things to do in Phu Quoc (P1)


Called the Pearl island of Vietnam, travelling in Phu Quoc nowadays has many things-to-do from relaxing and discovering or adventuring. Phu Quoc island is surely a destination you can come back many times without boring.

>>Night in beautiful Halong city

Watching the sunset in Dinh Cau

Nowhere has the beautiful sunset like in the pier of Dinh Cau. We cannot describe all the beauty of this scene. Only when your eyes witness the sun gradually going down into the sea, you know how much peace of mind.

Coming to Tranh stream

From about June to September, it is the time the stream has a lot of water. The ticket is about 10,000VND/person. In Tranh stream, the water is cool and clear. On the way to the upstream, you will see a big water hole and you can swim here.

Swimming in Sao beach

It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Phu Quoc which owns white sand beaches curved like the moon with the length of 7km. Sao beach is very famous for coconut trees along the beach and fascinated smooth white sand.

Discovering Khem beach

Currently, JW Marriott resort has brought this beach so the only way to experience the beauty of Khem beach is being the guest of this resort. JW Marriott Phu Quoc resort is known by the architecture which can be considered as the most beautiful one in the Pearl island.

Feeling the peace in Ong Lang beach

The beach is located in the north area of the island. The beach is quite lonely because it is far away from the center and located in the luxurious resorts, but it is quite beautiful and peaceful with stones and willows.

Feeling the peace in Ong Lang beach

Visiting Ho Quoc Pagoda

This is a new pagoda newly inaugurated near the An Thoi town, overlooking the beach that many tourists visit in Phu Quoc.

Buying souvenirs at Dinh Cau night market

The market opens from the afternoon to the night. Here there are many things to buy from seafood to souvenirs or gifts. If you want to buy something for friends and family, you can choose a small gift here at not too expensive price.

Check-in Rory Beach Bar

As soon as you arrive at Rory Beach Bar, you will definitely be attracted by the small space, close to nature, harmony with nature, as well as eye-catching decorations.

Watching sunrise in Ham Ninh

Located in the East of the island, Ham Ninh is the first floating village to welcome the first dawn in Phu Quoc. The life of Ham Ninh fishing villagers starts very early. Recording the moments of everyday life, your pictures will be lively and close, bring the breath of life.

Check-in the longest port

It is a bridge about 600m long from the shore, Ham Ninh bridge which anchors fishing boats. The pier looks out to sea so long that you will have the feeling of going forever.

Check-in Nail Island (Hon Mong Tay)

Located in the south of the island, the Nail island has a romantic beauty with shady green beaches and white sand under the coconut shade. Traveling to Phu Quoc without check-in Nail Island is a huge omission.

Nail island (Hon Mong Tay)

Viewing the sunset at Rock Sunset Island Bar

Belonged to Nam Nghi Resort, Rock Sunset Island Bar is nestled on the northern island of Nail Island, offering 360 degree views of the surrounding ocean with four waves surfing to create a place to enjoy the sunset at the most beautiful beach in Vietnam.

Bathing in mud in Galina

With 21 mud pools and 19 deluxe spa rooms, Galina will make your stay enjoyable with the feeling of floating in the warm smooth mud and enjoying the cool breeze of the sea and the blue sky stretching to the horizon.

Staying in the most beautiful resorts

Phu Quoc has many beautiful resorts. There are a number of beautifully designed resorts such as JW Marriott, Nam Nghi, Novotel, Vinpearl, Fusion, The Shell, La Veranda, Salinda, Mango Bay, Mercury and Mango Beach

Enjoying a cup of coffee

After a day to explore the Pearl Islands, nothing is better than choosing a corner cafe in the center of Duong Dong to feel the taste of the island. The cold night in Phu Quoc will make you a little surprised. You can find some coffee shops such as: Leaf, I Love Phu Quoc, Sea Street and Hello…
To be continued…