Vietnam Emergency Phone Numbers

Vietnam Emergency Phone Numbers
Vietnam Emergency Phone Numbers

Safety while travel to a country is the foremost concern for visitors. However, certain unforeseen circumstances are inevitable, under which case, certain emergency contact numbers of the concerned country come handy. To ensure utmost convenience during your stay in Vietnam, we provide you with a list of Vietnam Emergency Phone Numbers that you can make use of any urgent unforeseen situation during your tours to Vietnam.

In case of police assistance in Vietnam, the number to contact is 113, for the Fire Brigade, you can dial 114 and to contact the ambulance in case of medical aid, the number is 115. These are the essential emergency phone numbers in Vietnam that every traveler to the country must be aware of.
Besides these, however, there are several other numbers that you can use in case of emergency situations during travel to Vietnam. These are listed below for your reference:

Telephone Repair – 119
Drainage – 8234444 – 8230800
Greenery – 8316181 – 8550488
Street Lamps – 8535500
Roads and Bridges – 8531111

The emergency phone numbers for hospitals in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, and Ho Chi Minh, the largest city are:


International SOS (24-hr alarm center and medical emergency teams) – 9340555
Vietnam International Hospital (24-hr emergency clinic) – 5740740
Medex (24-hr emergency) – 8430748

Ho Chi Minh:

International SOS (24-hr alarm center and medical emergency teams) – 8298424, 8298520
Alain Carpentier Foundation IMC Heart Institute (24 hr emergency) – 8654025
Colombia Asia Saigon (24-hour emergency) – 8238455