JSC International Travel Thaison

JSC International Travel Thaison
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About Thaison travel

JSC International Travel Thai Son – Abbreviation: THAISON TRAVEL is the professional activity in the fields of International Tourism and Domestic, hotel, restaurant, business passenger transport in lines Permanent and contract, providing products for tourists, labor export services, enrollment broker for units with functional training, business real estate, international student counseling , financial counseling related to tourism, services…

JSC International Travel Thaison JSC International Travel Thaison

International Travel License number: 40-006 /2014/ TCDL-GPLHQT of Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, the Decision certified proprietary brands registered number: 51 316 / QD-IP of the Intellectual Property Department – Ministry of Science and Technology. JSC Taishan International Travel is the official member of Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Vietnam VCCI No. 10346, Member of Vietnam Tourism Association VITA, members of the business enterprise young Travel Asia – Pacific, founder member Vietnam Tourism Association VISTA, one of 27 founding members club specializing pickup Travel Laos, Thailand through the International Road gate.

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The development of Thaison travel

During its development stage, the company has not stopped growing in terms of both financial and material, and the rise in quality service, initially with a limited basis, rudimentary service on reception and build new units in Central and Laos. The early 90s of the 20th century the company has invested in real estate system, education – training, financing, and especially tours in Northeast Thailand Laos, become providers the largest travel in Vietnam by traders investing in Laos. JSC International Travel Thaison JSC International Travel Thaison

Faced with the strong development of the company and the new trend of the times, to meet travel demand, resort, discovery of Foreigners in Vietnam and Vietnam to international tourists, the Company has increased strengthen human resources by sending specialized staff training abroad, participation in conferences, international fairs and area to learn management and customer care, shopping, travel more fleet Modern, provide customer support service, free consultation dedicated to the needs of travelers, after sales service. So far 1 THAISON TRAVEL became symbols of travelers want to go for relaxation, sightseeing, leisure, conference and seminars in Vietnam or explore Laos – Thailand road, as well as trademark for goods Thailand hundred delegations in Vietnam in recent years.

With a network of subordinate units, affiliates, affiliate of the company and its partners spanning traditional territory of Vietnam and many countries, particularly in the capital, Vientiane – Laos, United Nations Thailand, Kingdom of Cambodia, Myanmar, China … The company has been a reliable address of hundreds of businesses and agencies, organizations and departments in all regions of the country gave submit confidence when intended travel, leisure, pleasure.

On the basis of strong material, abundant financial resources, and our staff are basic formal training, and pride is the only tourism business in Central personally crowned ” Competition Guidelines solid nationwide tour in 2008, “the TCDL, Ministry of Culture – Sports and Tourism, the Vietnam Tourism Association and Tourism Development Project of the EU institutions, travel agencies always high individual award in the specialized skills competitions and national area, THAISON TRAVEL believe will meet the needs of customers traveling on tours, travel, transport and investment tour.

Member units:

– Hotels Douangpraseuth in Vientiane City 3 Star & Venture Hotels Lanexang, Vientiane – Laos – Project 3D resort in Cua Lo resort & hotels Nghe An

– THAISONTHAISON BRANCH TRAVEL, TRAVEL COMPANY INTERNATIONAL THAI Son Address: 2nd Floor, Office Tower Muong Thanh, Phan Boi Chau Street No. 1. Street shop Bau, Vinh City, Nghe An Province. The head of the branch: Nguyen Huu BAC – Position: Director of BA.