3-day Quy Nhon travel: 90 minutes to 'paradise'

3-day Quy Nhon travel: 90 minutes to 'paradise'
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Quy Nhon makes anyone want to come back once again, by the blue beach, the beautiful coral as well as Cu Lao Cham and the bridge across the Thi Nai River enchanted by the lights at night.
Quy Nhon city is famous for its long sandy beaches and clear blue waters such as Long beach, Reef beach, Hon Kho beach and Ky Co beach ... A 3-4 day holiday is enough time for you to explore most prominent places of this land.


There are many ways to travel from Hanoi (or Ho Chi Minh City) to Quy Nhon: bed, train or air car. But with a journey of just 3 days, you should choose to fly to save time. Each flight lasts only about 1 hour 30 minutes, the plane landed at Phu Cat Airport (30 km from the city center).
Traveling to Quy Nhon, you can rent motorbikes for about 150,000 VND a day, or travel by taxi because the distance between tourist spots is not too far apart.
Quy Nhon


Day 1: Phu Cat Airport - Hoi Van Hot Spring - Quang Trung Museum - Ham Ho Tourist Area
After long time for the flight procedures, soaking in the hot spring is the ideal choice for all visitors. Hoi Van hot mineral springs (Cat Trinh commune, Phu Cat district) Quy Nhon, about 48 km, has a natural hot spring with a temperature of about 70-80 degrees C. It is said that this is a fairytale fountain given to the royal princess Cham Pa for treatment.
Quang Trung Museum (just 3 km from Hoi Van hot spring) is a place to store artifacts related to Tay Son movement and Quang Trung emperor. Coming here, you can visit artifacts and enjoy the unique art performances of Tay Son martial arts and drums Quang Trung, ethnic music and dance ...
By the way of National Highway 19, going about 6 km, you will arrive Ham Ho tourist resort. Here, there are many services for tourists: boating on the Kut River, bathing streams, fishing, camp fire ... In the evening, you should stay in hotels and enjoy some wild food.
Day 2: Little Cake Tower - Hon Kho - Thi Nai Lagoon - Thi Nai Bridge - Surf Bar
Referring to Binh Dinh or Quy Nhon is a reference to Champa Temple culture in which It cake tower is the most famous. You should take time to visit and learn about Cham culture in the middle of the morning, then move to Nhon Hai commune and then hire boat to Hon Kho.
Hon Kho is one of the few beautiful beaches but still retains its rustic character. The Hon Chong River is clear blue water, very clean and tourists is not too crowded. The coral reefs here are as varied and beautiful as Cu Lao Cham coral, so you should rent your diving glasses and dive into the colorful "aquarium" space.
About 15 p.m, you leave Hon Kho to Thi Nai Lagoon, located near the city of Quy Nhon to the northeast. It has a rich mangrove ecosystem. At the end of the afternoon, birds flying back to create unique natural beauty unforgettable.
Evening gently start by driving on Thi Nai bridge to feel the beauty of the city. The bridge has a total length of nearly 2,500 m. It is the longest bridge across the sea in Vietnam and also the pride of the martial arts.
Surf Bar will be the place to stop, give you the most feel about the way of life of Quy Nhon people. Peaceful, slow, cheerful lifestyle is evident in a gentle bar right next to the beach. Enjoy the beer, sip with baked squid, just talk the story after a long day, you will feel Quy Nhon like your home.
Note: You should book your hotel room in Quy Nhon city center or Nhon Ly commune on the second night for convenient transportation for the next day.
Day 3: Eo Gio - Ky Co beach
A long time ago, Eo Gio is honored as "the most beautiful sunset in Vietnam". After the glorious moment with the sunrise in Eo Gio, you wait for the ship to move to Ky Co beach, which is dubbed Jeju Island of Vietnam, by the beautiful, charming and peaceful coast.
If you go in groups, you can bring food and tents for camping overnight, kneeling on the sand, listening to the waves and whispering as goodbye to the sea land.


Quy Nhon
Quy Nhon can satisfy the most fastidious culinary enthusiasts, only you have 200,000 VND. In addition to popular seafood dishes, Quy Nhon has many specialties both to enjoy on the spot and purchase as gifts.
Speaking of the Martial Arts of Tay Son, it is impossible not to mention Banh it la gai. The cake is made from fresh sticky rice flour milled with leaves and sugar sand, the cake is a mixture of green beans with coconut. When eaten, the cake is sticky, scented by sticky rice, fatty of oil and beans.
In addition, you can find and enjoy the dishes: Nem Cho Huyen (the area of Banh It tower), Bun Song Thanh (An Nhon area), coconut cake, Quy Nhon fish vermellice or banh hoi long heo ỏ banh xem tom nhay...
Going to Quy Nhon, if you want to buy specialties as gifts, nothing is better and more appropriate than My An nhum sauce, Bau Da wine or banh it la gai.
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