The notes in a pilgrimage (P1)

The notes in a pilgrimage (P1)
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Formal dress code

Temples of worship is a sanctuary, so it should be the first thing to note is that visitors dress neatly and discreetly. In some places, the gowns are available in the temple for guests to dress in obeisance.

Formal dress code Formal dress code

However, many places are not available so the guests have to prepare their outfits. Ideally visitors should have a scarf which is large enough to cover the body when taking part in the ceremony in the main hall. Along with that is the awareness of keeping silence in sanctuary.

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Comfortable shoes during your pilgrimage

In a pilgrimage, pilgrimages often move and walk a lot, in addition to a compact outfit, it needs to pay attention to shoes.

Comfortable shoes during your pilgrimage Comfortable shoes during your pilgrimage

Do not wear cothurnus or new shoes because your feet will be swollen when walking more. In some places, taking advantage of the crowds of tourists, there are many robbers. So travelers should preserve discreet jewelry. At Sam Mountain, the state of coercion tourists to buy worship things. Guests should be prepared in advance or purchased at market stalls or in order to avoid being forced to buy with expensive prices.