The notes in a pilgrimage (P2)

The notes in a pilgrimage (P2)
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Accommodation for your pilgrimage

Regarding accommodation, visitors do not need to worry because this place always meet the demand for food, accommodation.

Accommodation for your pilgrimage Accommodation for your pilgrimage

If you need to relax in the resort, great hotel, you have to book in advance. If it is simply the pilgrimage only, you can stay at the place of worship. The collective motels usually charge around 30,000-70,000 VND / person / night, depending on the conditions of facilities in this accommodation.

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Ideal itinerary for your trip

If it is a self-organized trip, travelers can combine pilgrims of visiting the Seven Mountains with famous scenic spots of the South. Typically, people design cruise of Sam mountain – Cam mountain - Ha Tien.

Ideal itinerary for your trip Ideal itinerary for your trip

At these places, there are both the spiritual places for worship and tourist attractions for entertaining. Common schedule is: The first day of pilgrimage and visiting Chau Doc - the Seven Mountains; the second day of sightseeing Ha Tien combining with worship at the temple in the inner.